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Martinique Medical Care is a medical facilitator who helps you plan your trip to Martinique from A to Z. You will benefit best healthcare services in the best hostpitals of the island


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I have created a network of more than 100 medical partners. And with them I have supported more than 300 patients in 2019

Odile COUMAU - Founder


Martinique Medical Care provides you with a medical concierge service to help you facilitate your medical procedures.


Martinique Medical Care helps you choose the best means of transport to get to Martinique.


Martinique Medical Care offers you various accommodation near the health establishments of Martinique.

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What can we do for you ?


Martinique benefits from a centre of excellence in cardiology at the University hospital of Martinique. We can assist you in booking appointments with cardiologists. If you need a straightforward follow-up such as ECG, effort test or Coronary angiography, we can also help you get an appointment with private clinics.


Do you need to see a neurologist, get an EMG or EEG performed? Contact us with your doctor referral form to quickly book an appointment. 

Dialysis Center

Would you like to come to Martinique and get dialysis treatment? Contact us, we can organise your entire stay to help you relax. 


The oncology department includes oncology imaging such as bone scans (and soon, the PET SCAN), radiotherapy, and multidisciplinary meetings to provide you with a comprehensive medical diagnosis to make an accurate cancer treatment. Contact us to get fast and efficient access to French high-quality healthcare.

Radiology (MRI)

There are multiple radiology departments in Martinique. We can offer quick access appointments for Xray/ CT SCAN or MRI, send us your request by email.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a section within the oncology department, and one of the most active section of the hospital. Bone scans, cardiac MRI, renal scans, and soon PET scans, are some of the services provided, contact us to find out more about our services.

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We are here to help you organize your stay in Martinique by responding as closely as possible to your needs and those of your loved ones.

We will be there to guide you step by step during your stay and make sure you benefit from our services.

Who are we  ?


I'm  Odile

We are a small team made up of the founder, Odile COUMAU, a community manager, and an IT team who manage the website and secure our data. I had helped multiples friends book medical appointments when I realised that it could be very difficult to get appointment when you do not know the ins and outs of the healthcare industry. As a result, I decided to create a medical tourism company to help people get a simpler and faster access to healthcare. This was the starting point of Martinique Medical Care. Today, I have many requests and I am proud to deliver an excellent customer service. In the long term, I would like to assist those who cannot afford medical care by creating a grant fund financed by those who can.

"I have created a network of more than 100 medical partners.

And with them I have supported more than

300 patients in 2019"


They chose Martinique Medical Care and that is what they say about us ...

I the undersigned have known  Odile  Comau for the past two years and have benefitted immensely from the services of Martinique  Medical  Care of which she is the CEO. Through these services I was able to visit Martinique so as to obtain medical treatment which might not have been readily available in

St. Lucia. I would visit Martinique every three months for such treatment.

Ms. Comau was always reliable and punctual in rendering the necessary services and so was also her Nursing Staff. In light of the Covid19 pandemic and the curtailment of travel to Martinique, the company has been able to purchase my medication and post it to me by courier services. 

Whatever benefits or services may accrue to Martinique Medical Care as a result of this testimonial would be greatly appreciated by me.



Rev. Robert D. Harvey

PaTIENT from St-lucia

Let me personally thank you again for all the support that’s been given to me by you and your company. With the right guidance I were able to get the perfect doctors. Namely Dr. Vinh hung, Dr. Bougas and the general Dr. Diarra, my surgeon who did a remarkable job so far. 

Now I am 90% better from how I was in December 2019. Once again thank you, I am just awaiting the opportunity to do my reverse surgery, to complete my process. Thank God for all the guidance Martinique Medical Care gave me. 

In closing, please share our and my story with the relevant persons who can give the needed support to you to help us all out. Thank you for out standing health care.

David Shakes Christopher

Patient from St-lucia

I really appreciate your kindness, caring, compassionate manner and your competence. I am fairly independent and travel a lot. However, navigating the system with a Plaster of Paris cast around both shoulders, a few fractured bones and a left ear that isn't functioning well made it impossible for me to understand what was happening. It was so nice to be able to walk right up to customs instead of waiting in that very long line and have everything organized for us.


Patient from canada

Martinique Medical Care is certified  medical tourism professional