Many foreigners come to seek treatment in Martinique but lack support. Martinique Medical Care was founded in Martinique after this observation. The team of a general manager, a medical expert and a community manager organizes the trips and assists each patient on a daily basis.



French medicine is ranked number 1 by the World Health Organization in the world. French doctors are recognized for their expertise and their humanism. Because the well-being and health of all is an essential concern, it is only natural that I wanted to develop a structure specialized in the assistance to get access to medical appointments. The leitmotif of Martinique Medical Care is to offer excellent medicine by providing access to care for all with quality personalized support. With a motivated and competent team, we have therefore built a complete offer to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We are now recognized as a professional company by the Medical Tourism Association. Martinique Medical Care, personalized support towards excellence in medicine.