To allow you reaching Martinique under the best possible conditions, Martinique Medical Care offers a selection of hotels and guesthouses near the health facilities you will be going to.

Based on your preferences, you will be able to choose your accommodation for the duration of your stay.

To make your stay more enjoyable, you are offered the possibility of coming with an accompanying person.

We can also make your stay more enjoyable by offering multiple leisure activities with our partners.

Where would you like to stay ?

we can offer a lot of different places depending on your choices.

In the city center

  • Hotel Fort Savane from 90€/ night
  • Carib Hotel from 65€/night
  • Guest house patio Gallieni

Close to St-Paul Clinic

  • Résidence maleau from 45€/ night
  • Hotel Squash from 90€/night
  • Bateliere hotel from 100€/night
  • Guest house Clementine  130€/night
  • Apolline Residence from 180€/night

Close to the CHUM

  • Centre International de sejour from 50€/night
  • Karibea Hotel Valmeniere from 100€/night
  • Hotel La galleria from 130€/night

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