Medical Logistic

Martinique Medical Care allows you to have access to the one of the world’s best medical care in Martinique. We support you throughout the whole medical process by guaranteeing you a full understanding and providing reassurance at each step of the process.

  • We will provide administrative support by telling you what documents are necessary for your stay.
  • We will also support you during your visa application so that you can travel under the best possible conditions. 
  • We stay by your side and help you choose the best services that you need such as:
  • Translation of your medical records 
  • Meeting facilitation with suitable physicians 
  • Fast admissions to the clinic/hospital
  • Interpreter services if need be 
  • Medical follow-up with specialists when you return home 
  • Different levels of service delivery, from basic packages (food package to the most complete packages (nursing services)

Martinique has many high-quality health facilities, especially The Martinique University Hospital

It is a public hospital that meets local needs, leads specific public health missions, and treats patients with complex and critical diseases. Should you prefer the private sector, Saint Paul clinic is a great place to offer you security and comfort.

The quality of healthcare, patient safety and customer satisfaction are at the heart of the management’s strategy of all the health facilities we are working with.

We also offer services such as


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